Air League Monaco Event – Alvaro de Orleans-Borbon – 9th March 2023

On Thursday 9th of March 2023, members of the Air League of Monaco attended a talk by Alvaro de Orleans-Borbon followed by drinks and canapes at the Stelios Foundation Conference Hall in Monaco.

Alvaro first reminded the members of the history of flying, starting with the mythological first flight of Icarus with feather as his wings, through to the da Vinci designs, ahead of their time, the first balloon flights, the Wright brothers, space flight, the moon landing and the escape of the solar system by the Voyager satellites.

Alvaro then introduced the audience to his passion, Gliding. From being introduced to Gliders by an Italian Priest, Alvaro was involved in competitive speed gliding and then moved on to Adventure gliding around the world, such as the Moroccan desert and Atlas mountains and expeditions around the Annapurna mountains in the Himalayas.

A very fascinating talk indeed.

We were glad to see some of our junior members take some time our of their studies and join the event.

The evening ended with drinks and canapes. Welcome bags were given to all paid up members with an Air League of Monaco polo, cap, tie or scarf.