Air League Monaco Newsletter Christmas 2020

ALM Christmal Newsletter

Dear Patrons, Members, Junior Members and friends,

We hope that you are keeping well and persevering with your plans and endeavours in these strange and troubled times.

We are just updating our website with photos of our students flying and gliding throughout the Summer months in spite of all of the ongoing problems.

Congratulations to Elliot Dardanello who was flown by a friend to Corsica to pass his theory exam and then went on to complete his PPL.

Florian Augustin has completed his ATPL course at Cannes Aviation and is planning to take his Cabin Crew exam in Germany before getting more work experience in other countries. Very well done to him and thankyou for all of your photos and reports, to be found on the site.

Another two of our students have taken one 4 and the other 5 of the exams necessary to passing the ATPL (12 in total) on 4th December: Raphael Gameiro-Soares and Eliott Sarrut respectively.

Morgane Jay started the ATPL course at Cannes this Autumn and is doing very well. Axel Abensour has secured a place in Spain to study for his Commercial Licence and will start sometime next year – whilst working on his maths in the meantime.

Of 4 of our glider pilots, Esteban Tello Adam is in his third year of engineering studies at Toulouse; Matheo Sperry took another course of gliding this Summer before he decides whether to try for the Armée de l’Air or to be an Air France Cadet so that he could further his studies in thermal dynamics and Andrea Bernardi and Thomas Millat-Carus are now studying first for their PPL and then their ATPL at Cannes.

Lucas Parisi has also been studying aeronautical engineering in Besançon and is hoping to be able to return to Florida where he has worked on projects with NASA during the last two years.

Many Congratulations to all of you. We wish you every continued success and the strength and courage to carry on and follow your dreams.

We have not been able to attend BIA flying lessons or school gliding days this year. We did sign up another dozen young members at the School Careers Day back in February where we were invited to man a stand once again and met with old and new students all passionate about all things aeronautical.

Students from both last and this year’s BIA classes are to be counted amongst our members.

Many of these young people made up the group of 25 students and 4 teachers headed by Mr Florent Portuese, the BIA teacher at the College Charles III here in Monaco, who took part in a wonderful trip to Cape Canaveral this March, just prior to Lockdown and sponsored in part by ALM.

We have been unable to hold any physical events since this time, as you are aware, but will do so as soon as it is possible.

We have photos on the website from our members in Air France and a video of a re-patriation flight they undertook at the start of Lockdown.

We were able to celebrate with Alain Cruteanschii of Monaco Ballooning after his Tour de France en Montgolfière which he completed on September 4th. Another amazing achievement for him and his team.

We will look forward to our young members being able to try ballooning again next year, as well as gliding in the Summer months and of course continuing to fly fixed-wing aircraft.

We wish you a wonderful Christmas time, wherever you find yourselves, and look forward to being able to see you all again soon.

With very best wishes

Susan Webb
Administrator for Christopher Foyle President ALM