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December 2019

Dear Mrs Webb,

I am glad to tell you that I joined the Air France Cadet Pilot training program lately. I just wanted to thank again the Air League of Monaco for their commitment to promoting aviation to the young people.


Thomas Pagès

November 2019

Good evening,

matteoI particularly wanted to thank you for the help you gave me to get my scholarship, today the results are very satisfactory and my studies in aeronautics are not ready to stop there.
First of all, you must know that I got my glider certificate in the space of 2 weeks and 3 days of flight, I was so passionate about studying that I passed all the exams less of a week, I spent almost day and night in my books to learn all about the glider, I did not even have them my glider patent that I had already my flight slope and flight 5 hours, this flight that I realized the day after my cowardly solo so my first solo flight lasted 15 min (lap) the second solo flight I held 2:30 in the air and the next day I realized my third solo flight and I'm stay 5:10 in the air, and I did not want to go down again, it's only in the clouds that I feel incredibly happy like this. After that I passed my patent and I just received the documents validating my obtaining the glider pilot's certificate, to tell you, I am really happy and proud of my work.

Thank you so much for all that the air league of Monaco has done in this project, I thank you for having accompanied me in my dreams and I can assure you that I want to continue on this path without ever turning back.

Thank you !

Sperry Matheo.


February 2019

Thank you very much for organising the visit to Nice airport's control tower. It was an extraordinary experience: listening to the controllers' explanations, the bird's eye view over the airport, seeing the flight path and data on the monitors and for me, the bonus was getting to see the A380 takeoff, one of my favorite planes.

Once again many thanks and kind regards,

Samuel Danziger