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A group of 8 ALM students, accompanied by 2 adult members, all passionate about all things aeronautical, took part in our 4th Summer Project based at Sheffield Doncaster Airport in the UK.

We flew in and out of Manchester Airport, which is not too far away from our base. 

On the Monday 5th, we arrived in the afternoon and met with some of the team who would accompany us through the week's activities.

Tuesday 6th saw an early start for a trip to the Imperial War Museum and Aircraft Restoration Company in Duxford. We saw many kinds of aircraft, including a Vulcan bomber, a Blackbird, a Concorde used for training purposes, Comet Jets that were the first to cross the Atlantic. There were old aircraft taking off and and landing too throughout the day. An excellent visit.

Wednesday 7th took us to the South Yorkshire Air Museum, only 15 minutes from our base. A lovely museum with Vulcan staff and others on hand to help and explain everything. The museum houses 100's of aircraft; there are Canberra and Vulcan cockpits, a couple of flight simulators and so on. The students were given the task of painting some of the stands for the Canberra cockpits which they made a good job of and thoroughly enjoyed. They were also able to go inside a now completely restored Vulcan cockpit, complete with all of the instrumentation, which they had had helped to paint last year. 

alm summer6

Thursday 8th took us to Sheffield, to the Boeing Advanced Mechanical Research Centre 2050 where students witnessed and tried their hand at enhanced reality and digital testing of machinery being developed for all sorts of different companies. Fascinating!







Later in the day we went to Kalham Island, also in Sheffield, to see the World's most powerful steam engine working and go round the museum explaining the history of steel making in Sheffield.


alm summer4 alm summer5 alm summer8






Friday 9th saw us head out to Newark to play on a huge Boeing 737 flight simulator owned by private individual.

Great fun!








We then returned to Doncaster Sheffield Airport to visit XH558 on the tarmac. We were allowed into the bomb bay (for the first time!) and the cockpit. The aircraft look wonderful as always in shining camouflage. A huge bird that sheltered us later on against the arriving storms which had forced the cancellation of the Saturday engine runs.

  alm summer2 alm summer3 summer19 friday

alm summer1 friday sup1

Saturday 10th therefore saw us have a day visiting the converted wool market and the shops in the town center, to return for a few asleep before a very early Sunday morning (BA) flight back to Nice.

A very enjoyable and informative week!

Thank you to the Vulcan to the sky Organisation and we look forward to seeing you again next year when we hope that the Vulcan will be well on her way to being re-housed in a new hangar.


alm summer3