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Monday 28th November 2016

Dear Mr. Elefant,

I am Esteban TELLO ADAM and if you remember I had the honour of being granted a scholarship from you at the end of last year to do gliding.

We went with my parents in June to Fayence in order to get some information and they told us that to benefit a maximum from the courses I should come several times for a full week, which is only possible during school holiday.

Unfortunately I could not use it for the moment because this scholarship came as a surprise to me and when I received it I had already planned my two months of summer holiday.

Over the Christmas holiday it will be complicated and during the February holiday I will be visiting engineering schools abroad. But I am
definitely planning to get registered as a member in Fayence from the beggining of 2017 and then organise myself during the spring and summer holiday of 2017 to do at least two weeks of gliding and try to get my licence which would be absolutely great. 

I am attaching a couple of pictures of this summer when I went gliding 5 times with the gliding club in Sion (Switzerland).

I will if course keep you posted as soon as I register.

With all my very best regards,





 T. Orengo Letter (pdf)



Sunday 7th August 2016

E-mail to the Vulcan-to-the-Sky Team following the 2016 Summer Project

Dear Ray,

This is Sophie, from the lucky Monaco students who got to spend the best week ever underneath a Vulcan! Just wanted to let you know that we arrived back in Nice safely, aboard a Boeing 737, the same one as the one we simulated flights on! (So we asked for a tour of the cockpit to bring good memories back!).

I want to say a big thank you to the entire team and everyone who helped us make the best of this adventure! By letting us be active around a 30 meter long plane, you helped us gain confidence that we could achieve things despite our young age. Everyone's and especially your positive attitude made this adventure even more pleasant and unforgetable!

The Vulcan is the type of object that makes one feel shy and tiny, being so impressive and imposing. But the way I would describe this plane is more like an event... The way the howl makes one feel is overwhelmingly powerful yet I feel like it brings people together, we can only be amazed and awed by this engineering prowess! When it runs on the taxi, I see it flying, elegantly shaking both the ground and the air... We cannot thank you enough for making us experience this!

This adventure brought us so much and we are extremely grateful for it! I wish to say a huge thank you to everyone who made this possible, we loved every second of it! Good luck to everyone! (I firmly believe the Vulcan will go back to the sky one day).

I wish you all the best, Sincerely,

Sophie Miniconi



Saturday 19th November 2016


To Christopher Foyle and the Monaco Air league:
Kindly attached thank you letter and a recap of flying lessons executed.nylund

I have always dreamt about Flying, specially from secondary school. On the 26th of April, I have been rewarded with the "Christopher Foyle flying scholarship". This day remains one of my best days ever. I couldn't realize at the time the amazing opportunity that has been given to me. I wish to forward a Big Thank You to Christopher Foyle and the Monaco Air league by making flying lessons accessible, It is for me still unbelievable.

Since the award, I had 7 flying lessons. During my school year 2016/2017, I plan to take 2 flying lessons per month in order to get my private pilot's license as quickly as possible. I have completed 10 hours and 5 minutes of flying to the 45 Hours required. And of course, I plan to continue on flying !

I am very thankful and honored to be awarded that scholarship.

Thank you for making my dreams come true !

Nylund Robert