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24th June 2019

Thomas Pagès:

Many thanks again to you, the Air League of Monaco and Avinco for granting me a scholarship for my internship in Cologne. I started to work at  EASA three weeks ago and I already learned a lot. Best regards,

Thomas Pagès


Elliot Dardanello's August Report :

-This is my report about my trip with Air League Monaco, to Doncaster (England). While we are there we will follow the XH558 project.. With this short report I will give you a summary of the trip :

-Monday 14th : We arrive at Nice Airport where we meet each other. We then go to the gate to wait for the plane (which is half an hour late). After take off we have a short flight to Luton (one of the London airports). After finishing with security we go outside and take a small minibus (which will be with us for all the journey) which brings us to Doncaster in South Yorkshire (near Manchester). We arrive at the Ramada Encore Hotel (which is the airport hotel) where we unpack our luggage and stay for the last hours of the day.

-Tuesday 15th : We go to Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre, where we see a lot of different planes and some very strange ones !. There is a hangar with a bomber and fighter plane ; there is a Halifax and a bf 109. There is a flight simulator and we can get into the cockpit of plane (only cockpit, there is no plane behind). We play with that and have fun.

-Wednesday 16th : We wake up and go to the South Yorkshire Air Museum. There we see a lot of different planes. In the morning we’re with a man who starts to teach us morse code, which is very cool and funny to do. Later in the day we paint and sand a Canberra and the Vulcan. The painting was like all painting but in the fact that we were painting a nuclear-bomber this was very singular and the sanding of the Canberra was a great experience too.

-Thursday 17th : In the morning we went to the church and there we see the last example of an very old and stunning organ. The sound was wonderful and the mecanism was very impressive and so complex. In the afternoon we’ve been to the airport near the hotel where we see an old B727 which was used by FedEx and is now used for oil problems in the water.

-Friday 18th : We wake up and take our minibus to a base where the red arrows are set (this is the same as the patrouille de France) the planes weren’t here but we see the few last planes who were in the red arrows this was about their history and then they explain to us about a special mission of bomber who had to destroy a “barrage” with very special bombs which looked like big wine casks, “tonneaux”. Afterwards we went to RAF Scampton and International Bomber Command where we see a memorial for all people who died in bomber command. And finally in the evening we went to the trampoline park where we all played together.

-Saturday 19th : This day we made two groups to see the Vulcan starting her engines, the first one went in the morning and started preparing their luggage in the afternoon and the second group went in the afternoon. The Vulcan was very impressive and very massive. Someone explained to us about the wheel systems and which type of atomic bombs will be matching with the Vulcan. The sound of this plane was so strong that at full power we can feel the ground shaking inside us and the noise…. we can hear it with the protection so we don’t even try to take it off. When we come back to the hotel we rest and take our last lunch there.

Sunday 20th : We wake up slowly and we finish preparing our luggage. After a good breakfast we all wait in the hall together for the time to leave. At 1 o’clock the bus comes to take us and we leave Doncaster for Luton Airport. We arrive there, do the checkups and security and after passing through that we went to a Japanese restaurant to eat. We all enjoy our last meal all together and then we went to the plane. The plane was very late but we wait. During the flight we ask an NPC if when we arrived we can see the cockpit and she says yes so when we arrived at Nice we wait but sadly the pilot and co-pilot have work to do so we just go out and take our luggage. We all say goodbye to each other and leave.

Conclusion :

During this week we take part in the XH558 project, enjoy a lot a great activities and have fun all together. It was all very exciting and except for the fact that we were a bit tired at the end of the week we were all disappointed to go home and want to do more. I want to thank Air League Monaco for this wonderful trip and Susan Webb (and her daughter) for having taken good care of us.




10th September 2017


Dear Mr Marcel Elefant,
My name is Andrea Bernardi and I would like to thank you very much for the grant you gave me at the beginning of this summer via ALM for Fayence Gliding School.

I send you attached a report and some pictures of this great adventure.
With my best regards,

Andrea Bernardi


Report :

First, I would like to thank you very much for your generous grant of € 1.000 for the gliding school in Fayence. It's a great opportunity you gave to the young people who are passionated like me and who want to fly and pilot an aircraft. The two weeks of 'stage' have gone very well and I learnt quickly how to pilot a glider. It was very exciting and I loved it. I was a great experience !!! Of course I will return in Fayence to fly again and get my licence. It's magic. Thank you very much !!!

Summary of the 2 weeks :

- First I did some theory, I learnt the different proceedings : How to take off and to land, how to turn because in a glider it's not the same as in a motorised plane, we have to coordinate the handle and the rudder. It's amazing but quite a little bit difficult at the biginning . And of course I also saw the security ( stall, radio...).
- Next I practiced on an old glider which have 46 years but I liked it. In flight, I saw how to find the termals, how to use the radio... After about 8 or 9 hours, I was able to fly alone, it was great ! I did 23 flights with an instructor and 2 alone on an Ask13.
- Now I'm going to undergo my licence ... I have to undergo the last part of the theorical test and I have to do 10 landings with a flight of one hour to pass the final exam... I'm very exciting to try to do it I!!
- I've already got 11 hours and 24 minutes and I would like to continue II
I'm pleased to send you some pictures of my experience in Fayence to show you.

With my best regards.

Andrea Bernardi