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ALM Summer Project in conjunction with the Vulcan to the Sky Trust in Doncaster: July 9th - 15th 2018.

A group of 14 ALM students and accompanying adults travelled to Yorkshire to study aviation history and aeronautics and to follow the Avro Bomber XH558 on its engine run at the end of the week.

After a welcome briefing and presentation by members of the Vulcan team on arrival, we were shown video footage of the Avro Vulcan XH558 in the skies over Britain and learnt a bit about its history, how the Project is ongoing and the programme for the rest of our week here.

Tuesday 10th July : we visited the Renault Formula 1 factory in Oxfordshire, gaining an insight into what goes on behind the scenes: from design and construction to the race control centre,  and learning about the aerodynamics that keep a racing car on the ground and a plane in the air. Fascinating.

It was great to be back in the UK for this, the 3rd Summer Project and for one of the students the 3rd time he has taken part in this adventure!    

Wednesday 11th July: back at the South Yorkshire Air Museum in Doncaster: a real gem full of aircraft, cockpits, helicopters. The students learnt about aviation history; morse code; saw how an Avro Vulcan cockpit had been further renovated and kitted-out since last year; played on flight simulators.

Thursday 12th July (Elvington) : Yorkshire Air Museum, to see the Victor bomber and other aircraft.

Friday 13th July: University of Leeds, to hear about courses in aviation on offer and to play on flight simulators.

Saturday 14th July: Vulcan engine run in the morning. Visit to Yorkshire Wild Life Park in the afternoon.

Sunday 15th July: Return to Nice!