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From: Florian Augustin
Sent: 30 November 2020 13:26
Subject: Completion of student pilot training

Dear All,

I wanted to tell you that I passed the 2 remaining exams. (CPL & IRME) I'm waiting to do my MCC now.
I would like to thank you and ALM for helping me during my training.

Kind regards,




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Dear Susan,

I passed my ATPL(A) theory on January 2020 with Cannes Aviation and now i'm at my beginning of my IFR training.
Regarding my schedule with Cannes Aviation, I might finish my ATP integrated in about 4-5 months. Once I have my CPL(A) and IR-ME, I will do my MCC course on a 747 (full motion) at Cardiff Aviation.

Also, I will pass my SEP to be able to do an aerobatic course in Cannes or seaplane course in Italy or both. Regarding the current situation,I will build my flying hours as a flight instructor and also with Wingly.

Then, I will look for some jobs opportunities on the right seat on commercial airlines or private jets.

Kind regards,


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Bonjour !

Merci pour votre email et surtout pour la bourse pour Florian qui nous a beaucoup aidé pour les frais supplémentaires
à l école d aviation Cannes Aviation.


Florian vient de reussir son dernier examen, maintenant il ne lui reste plus qu a aller en Allemangne pour Multi Crew Coordination.

Je vous joins quelques photos pour vos plaquettes de publicité.

Bien à vous

Jean Philippe


Sent: 10 May 2020 19:45
Subject: ALM Grants 2020Axeabensour

Dear Susan, Mr. Foyle,

I hope this e-mail finds you well.
Would you kindly consider my application for a scholarship in june 2020 ?

Thanks to you, I have been a member of ALM since 2017.

As of today, I have my BIA, finished all of my theory lessons and have 15 hours of flying for the PPL. My medicals 1 and 2 are up to date.

My wish is to be a commercial pilot, and to enter a school this fall. So far, I have been accepted into two schools in Spain for the ATPL.

Thank you for your consideration in advance,

Truly yours,

Axel Abensour





Sent: 08 June 2020 19:16
Subject: News from Amael

Dear All,
I hope this email finds you well.
I just wanted to give you a couple of news on my side.

Cannes Aviation has reopened and I am thrilled to go back, even with the new regulations put in place, I can't wait to go back. It might sound dumb but those two months of inactivity really got me excited and back in shape.

This coming back to flight school will surely feel rough but I have studied little by little and have advanced on my curriculum to make up for the lost time. I will catch up with my flight activity during the summer as I will be more available and I am thrilled to do so.

I hope to hear from you very soon, and hopefully good news.😊
Best wishes,

Amael Anwar.


On 4 May 2020 22:31, wrote:

Dear Mr Foyle,
Dear Susan,

First of all I hope you and your family are well.

I confirm you I would like to attend a grant to be able to achieve the PPL. Today I have 19hours and I did 2 flights alone. I'm very proud of the results and I don't intend to stop there.

I would like to thank you again for the last grants that you have generously assigned to me and that allowed me to get a little closer to my dream of becoming a pilot. Thank you very much !!!!!!!

Kind regards.andrea m

Andrea Bernardi.


- - - - - - - - - -

Dear All,

I hope you are well.

I'm fine thank you. I will keep you informed on the progress of the PPl. I already flew again 3 times since one month, 2 times in Cannes et one in Fayence.

Hope to see you soon.

Best regards.

Andrea Bernardi.




Sent: 09 July 2020 elliot1
Subject: Re: ALM Message of Solidarity and Grants 2020 ​



First of all I hope you are doing great and that everything is fine for you.

For the moment I have thirty seven hours and forty eight minutes of flight recorded in my logbook with one hour and forty minutes for my solos.
Right now I have to go to Cannes (with the habitual journey. I am used to that. It takes me about 2h ) every two days approximately since I am trying to finish my PPL this summer and I have still to do a lot of solo flights, which I was unable to do before because of the corona outbreak. I scheduled for the first flight of the day so that I don’t suffer too much of the heat caused by the sun in the cockpit.

I have just asked for an exam date, so if there is no problem I should be able to pass it in August from what I understood. Until then I still have to complete the required forty five hours which are the minimal for the PPL. As for the theory I already got it last summer which was a relief because it was a lot of work and if I had to do both the theory and the practice at the same time it would have been harder. elliot2

I have attached two pictures with the mail taken this Thursday (the 7th) which was my first flight since the confinement started, several months ago, and even with the fact that I wasn’t able to fly for an extended period of time the instructor agreed to let me do a solo flight right after. Seemed I hadn’t lost what I learned before. Those two pictures were taken during this flight when I was alone, while still being careful with safety.

My plans for the future haven't changed and I still hope to become a pilot even with the aviation industry struggling right now. I think (and hope) that in a year or two things would get better and I will therefore be able to achieve what is still for the moment a goal and most importantly a dream. Right now I am focusing on succeeding my exam for the PPL which will be a big step forward to achieving my goals in life. I still have backup plans if I need to wait before becoming a pilot (in case the airlines wait more before they start recruiting again) but I wish I won’t need them.

I wish you all the best until I will be able to see you again,






Raphaël Gameiro-Soares

Dear All,

Thank you for putting me on the list of applicants.

I came back to France in early January and expected to begin my CAE training course mentored by EasyJet at the end of April.
Because of the global health situation and border closures, I'm not able to hold my course for now.
CAE accumulated delays and is facing high demand for new applications...
As EasyJet is not seeking new pilots right now, I'm due to undergo a small interview with CAE's instructors to start a 'full white' ATPL course with them. I don't have any date at the moment because the virus keeps going in the UK, they'll let me know about my interview and maybe my new course starts date soon enough hopefully!
As I can't predict where I will be until at least September, I backed up with sending several applications for schools here in France to practice math and physics meanwhile.

I'm holding around 100 flight hours, and thanks to the ALM grant, which also helped me financing many flights, I've passed my night VFR rating earlier this year. My plans are to keep my ratings up to date waiting for CAE coming! I still need to finance my school, by the way, I haven't got any bank loan yet. In case of CAE couldn't hold my interview and my start my course later this summer, my plans are to take my variable prop/retractable undercarriage and my EFIS ratings and fly around France.
The main goal of this France Tour - I'd be holding with another PPL friend - is to gain in-flight maturity and arrive in our future flight schools with a minimum of recent flying experience, and make up the lack of experience we all had lately.
I'll be needing to keep flying to maintain at least the minimum required, either during any french school where I'd be waiting for CAE or meanwhile attending my ATPL theoretical phase.

Don't hesitate to ask me if you want some more precision.

Kind regards and stay safe,




Re: ALM Prize-Giving Event 24th June 2020 : Postponement

Dear All,

Thank you for your email! I hope that you and your family are well, and that you are enjoying your time at home. I started my PPL lessons in Cannes this week, and I am really enjoying them - thank you again for all of your help and guidance.

Best wishes,




Sent: 24 May 2020 23:04
Subject: Morgane Jay ALM


Dear Susan, dear Christopher, dear Sir Stelios,
I hope everyone is going well and that the current health crisis has no big effect on you.
I am pleased to advise that I have succeeded the contest of Cannes Aviation Academy and I will integrate the school airplane pilote in September. I would be very thankful if I could apply again to have a grant because as you know the price of this school is very expensive.
For me it is always important to keep in touch with you. I am very proud to belong to the Air League of Monaco. I would like to promote as much as I could and as I already did it with the journalist Kate. For the young people of the ALM I remain at your disposal. Thanks to the ALM It is possible to integrate an aviation school.

Kind regards

Morgane Jay




Sent: 31 May 2020 18:11
Subject: Air League Scholarships

Dear All,

I would like to get some news about the scholarship organisation of this year.

Indeed I intend to spend several weeks during the summer holidays to practice and to obtain my BBP in Fayence (I already reserved 2 weeks in August.

I am very motivated and I would like to continue my studies in this field, that’s why I am going to Stanislas in September (to do the « prépa PCSI ») with the aim to obtain l’ENAC in two years.
This scholarship would help me a lot to practice my passion !

With best wishes

Thomas Millat-Carus



On 5 May 2020 13:19, Eliott Sarrut wrote:sarrut


My name is Eliott SARRUT, I was born on 8 January 2003 in Monaco

I got my PPL the day of my 17th birthday, so actually exactly the minimum age to get it.
I am currently doing my Theroretical ATPL by myself, and will probably take some of the 14 exams by July.

Last year scolarship helped me a lot because I could finish my PPL and my solo navigations. I also became a member of ACCA, the Michel Badia's aeroclub.

I have to fly because I have to get my flight experience : 100 hours of solo flight for being able to take the CPL exam.

Thank you very much for everything.

Have a good day, take care, and thank you very much.





I hope you are doing well.

Just an e-mail to tell you that I succeeded in 4 new ATPL exams.

For a reminder, there are 14 exams to get the Theoretical ATPL, and i passed already 5 exams on july, and passed 4 new yesterday.

9/14 !

Thanks to you and air league monaco for your support as it helps a lot.

Hope to see you soon





Sent: 24 May 2020 16:29
Subject: Re: Matheo Sperry


I’d love to have the opportunity to have a new scholarship for this year. Currently my objectives revolve on two points: airline pilot on Air France thanks to the cadet of Air France (in the hope that they make the school work again) or pilot as a fighter pilot (I already applied and thanks to last year's scholarship they told me they were very interested in my profile and they would like to see me again when i'm 18).
My objective before accessing one of these two jobs is to obtain a DUT in thermal and aerodynamic physical knowledge and then go to engineering school, once the schools are finished I would apply in the army of the 'air (they themselves have largely advised me this route even if they want to see me again before it's 5 years of study) or I would apply to the cadet of Air France.
My goal and therefore to have good knowledge in physics and aerodynamics to be able to more easily access one of these two positions.

Apart from that, as I told you, in 15 days of glider flight I managed to get my certificate, I did my 5h flight in a solo flight, and I also need to earn a thousand meters solo. I would like to obtain the Pax flight and the country flight qualification which will be, I think, two assets for the army and cadet positions of Air France because in the army and in the cadet it starts either on simulators or on gliders and in the army they go up to the qualification of country flight, so I think if I get it before going to the air force, I would be privileged in the selections and I could access my dream of being a pilot on the line or on the hunt.

Finally, I am currently flying over 15 hours of solo flights.


Sperry Mathéo